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December 21, 2020 2 min read

THESE VITAL, POCKET-SIZE COMPANIONS MERGE FASHION AND FUNCTION TO MAINTAIN A NO-TOUCH, SOCIALLY DISTANT LIFESTYLE AND EASE THE FEAR OF VIRAL CONTAMINATION2021 brings new hope as the world welcomes a vaccine combined with pragmatic solutions to ensure a healthy New Year. Seasoned entrepreneur, author, and award-winning businesswoman, Julia Brufke Wenger, makes staying germ-free easy with her stylish accessories, the KnobMate™ and the SafeSpaceMate™. These purse, backpack or briefcase-size companions for navigating life are the initial designs by the novel, fashion-meets-function GoSafeMate™ company that emerged amidst the coronavirus pandemic. These exclusive accessories were honored in the Accessories Council Design Excellence Awards 2020.

Accessories Council 2020 Design Excellence Award for PPE


“I wanted a solution to help my employees feel safe, so I created the KnobMate and SafeSpaceMate to address their concerns with returning to the office. These attractive accessories help eliminate contact with germs and decrease the fear of viral contamination. As a small business owner, anything we can do to help people resume a healthy lifestyle will also help to stimulate the economy, and the country’s overall well-being,” said GoSafeMate founder, Julia Brufke Wenger.

Julia Brufke Wenger Inventor Entrepreneur GoSafeMate


These pocket-size accessories with their cutting-edge design serve as a barrier between your hands and everyday surfaces. The KnobMate is a vital companion with a rubber grip to open doorknobs intuitively, a bumper for pushing buttons on keypads, and a hook to maneuver levers and handles at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery markets, to name a few.


KnobMate GoSafeMate No Touch Accessories Council Design Award

The SafeSpaceMate is a collapsible six-foot spacer that accurately distances when sitting, standing, or walking with others. 

SafeSpaceMate Social Distancing 6 Feet GoSafeMate


These initial items from GoSafeMate help to ensure a safe return to everyday life. Use at hotels and when travelling, in public transportation and restrooms, around town at restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues, in offices, at school, and at medical facilities and assisted living communities. The HandMate, an innovative device for twisting, turning, and holding almost anything from restaurant menus, salt and pepper shakers, and many other everyday items, is the next accessory to be unveiled in 2021.

To learn more Julia’s award-winning accessories, please visit or call 484-302-8147. The KnobMate at $14.95 and the SpaceMate at $24.95 will also be available on Amazon in 2021. Follow Go-SafeMate on Instagram and Facebook and share your photos with hashtag #GoSafeMate.


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