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A Vital Companion For Navigating Daily Life

Anti-Microbial Material

Viruses and bacteria can't survive or spread.

Compact & Lightweight

Light and compact for every day carry.

Sleek Design

Perfect accessory blends right in.

Strong & Durable

Lifeproof and durable construction.

Made in USA

Built by quality U.S. manufacturers.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Pay for your meal, pick up salt & pepper shakers, turn menu pages.

Public Transportation

Hold onto train, bus, or subway poles.


Turn on a sink, flush a toilet.

Hotels & Travel

Cruise ships and planes are germy hotspots, keep yourself safe.

Shopping Malls

Exchange money or credit cards, pick up products, hold bags.


Grab files at work, hold a phone, turn pages, grab a pen.

Around Town

Press buttons on elevators, street lights, & keypad.


Press buttons, pick up items and tokens, pay for purchases.


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