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Avoid high-touch surfaces. From work to school to errands around town, the KnobMate™ lets you navigate your everyday life in contact-free safety.

  • Cup for grasping, turning doorknobs and exchanging money at the drive-thru
  • Hook for pulling or lifting bars or handles
  • Tip for pressing keypads and buttons
  • Fits in your pocket or purse
  • Slot for attaching to lanyard
  • Patent pending
  • Made in USA

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Safely navigate your daily life, whether at home or work.

Prevent Direct Contact

Avoid high-touch surfaces.

Tip For Keypads

Press buttons easily with the tip.

Key Chain

Attaches easily with a hole for key rings.

Includes Hook

Versatile hook as an added benefit.

Made in USA

Built by quality U.S. manufacturers.

Hotels & Travel

Press elevator buttons, ride public transportation, exchange money

Around Town

Push buttons on ATMs, traffic lights, door buzzers, credit card keypads

Public Restrooms

Open doors, press handles to flush, turn faucets on and off

At the Office

Open drawers, doors, filing cabinets