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May 21, 2021 3 min read

The world is moving through a tough time, but there’s still reason to hope. The deadly pandemic wreaked havoc, and the first wave of COVID-19 collapsed the entire world. The uncertainty and lack of awareness led to death and worsened economic situations. But today, things are getting much better and safer in our hands. We are ready to combat COVID-19. 

Safety policies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) have made things easier during this chaos. Covid-19 vaccines have been made available all over the world. Health and medical professionals are giving us their best efforts in treatment and care. Now it’s our turn to take preventive measures to slow transmission and control the outbreak.  

Fight The Pandemic: Some Safety Precautions to Keep Us Safe

We can’t lock ourselves inside any longer. Slowly, we’re getting back to normalcy. Schools, colleges, workplaces, restaurants, movie theatres, and public places are reopening. Tourism is even coming to life again.

However, coronavirus still lingers. Now is the time to reinforce safety by following Covid-19 guidelines, using preventive equipment, and maintaining social distance.

Below you can find some precautionary measures to stay safe, happy, and immunized: 

1. Follow Safety Measures

social distancing written on a dice

Everybody knows some basic steps for staying safe at this point. Since the first day of the pandemic outbreak, government and health institutions have been reinforcing basic safety measures that have become routine for most of us: 

  • Wear a mask

  • Use sanitizers to ensure hand hygiene

  • Maintain Social Distancing

  • Avoid crowds and parties 

2. Advanced Safety Measures for the New Season

It’s newly spring again. With students back in school, employees getting back to the workplace, and tourists back in the cities, we need to stay vigilant in order to stay safe. We need more practical control measures that help us leap ahead without curbing our happiness.

Give a Safe Welcome to the Student Body

With schools and colleges reopening, we need to create policies that help to prioritize the safety of students and faculty alike. 

a teacher helping students get sanitized
  • In addition to maintaining 3 foot desk space and physical distancing, parents and guardians should be given separate pick-up times to avoid overcrowding in schools. Allocate separate time for the elderly who come to pick up children. 

  • No more crowded classrooms. Divide the students into groups and start alternative school days for different groups. 

  • Limit group size in cafeterias. 

  • Reduce crowds in the halls with separate entrance and exit doors.

  • Parents should provide students with basic accessories, food, and water to avoid lending or borrowing. 

  • Schools should be cautious when choosing safety equipment and disinfectants. What is appropriate for adults might not be good for young students.  

  • Help students understand the situation better with presentations on safety and precautions.

Safety In the Workplace: Building a New Work Era

A woman with proper covid safety measures in a workplace

The #WorkFromHome trend is really working. But there are some work departments and sectors where manual labor is inevitable. The logistics department is one among them. Therefore, there’s a strong need for customized safety measures and personal protective equipment to protect employees’ health without hindering work. 

  • Provide personalized desk materials and accessories to employees (pen, paper, clipboards, etc.).

  • Limit the number of people participating in meetings.

  • Allocate work shifts for employees. 

  • Disinfect work stations and desks every day.

  • Test for covid frequently to ensure employees’ safety.  

Providing Safety in Public Areas

Supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, salons, gyms, and places of worship are slowly gaining back their momentum after the first wave of COVID, but it’s taken some adapting. By staying safe however, we can protect ourselves and others around us. It’s become vital for businesses to account for COVID safety precautions in order to reopen and ensure public trust. 

  • People should cross-check the safety measures maintained by the restaurant, salon, gym, and other public domains before visiting the place.

  • Pay with card or phone to avoid direct contact with others

  • Use PPE while touching doorknobs, utensils, etc.

  • Stay in well-ventilated areas.

  • Visit public places early in the morning or late in the evening when crowds are smaller. 

  • If you are a tourist, make sure you understand guidelines around COVID and do background research on the infection rate in the place you are planning to visit. 

Rebuilding Safely: A New Approach to Beat the Pandemic   

Ensuring personal safety is the first step to combat COVID, and it’s going to take a group effort to slow the virus down while the population gets vaccinated. Together, we can keep ourselves and those around us healthy as we move through 2021. 

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Igniterate Collaborator

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