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May 17, 2021 4 min read

The pandemic has changed our behavior, habits, and lifestyles. Adapting to the changes and finding alternatives are necessary for us to find any sense of normalcy again. We can get back to our lives sooner if we all are ready to be a part of the safety drive.

To truly be protected against Covid-19, we have to do more than just follow federal guidelines. Knowing the gravity of the pandemic and the nature of the virus is the first step to fighting back.

COVID only reproduces inside a living body. But, the virus itself can remain alive on objects for 24 - 72 hours. Who knows whether the surfaces we touch are contaminated or not? There’s a significant risk of transmission through touch, particularly in high-traffic areas. 

We can avoid public gatherings and unnecessary outings, but there are a lot more circumstances where we need to be cautious. Shopping for groceries can be done online, but the virus can still travel on these groceries. 

Disinfecting Groceries: Crucial Steps

You might have followed all guidelines while shopping for groceries, but there are further steps that can make you safer. Quarantining your groceries for 72 hours will ensure the virus dies, but this isn’t practical for every grocery trip. Here are some advanced safety hacks to disinfect your groceries and ensure you’re protected. 

A person sanitizing the grocery bags

Primary Disinfection Process: Leave the Package Outside Home 

Every object you buy will have been handled by multiple people by the time it reaches home. Try not to bring any packaging inside your home. Tear off the cardboard or plastic package and dump it in the wastebasket. Always keep a waste bin outside your house.

Once you are done, sanitize your hands well before entering. As a final precaution, you can use a disinfectant spray, soap water or alcohol-based solution to cleanse the products before putting them away. Frequently clean the storage compartments with disinfectant wipes. 

A sanitizer bottle

Advanced Disinfection Processes 

Even if you are done with the primary disinfecting process, do you think the disinfectant products/ procedure we use is the same for all the grocery items? You might be using a heavy chemical disinfectant to sanitize the milk cover, but you cannot use the same product to sanitize vegetables. This will bring on other health issues. Therefore, we need to take extra care and advanced measures to make sure that we are taking the proper preventive measures

1. How to Disinfect Packaged Food & Liquid Products

If your grocery list includes food or liquid products like oils, sauces, and milk covers, make sure that you wash them under tap water using a hand wash or soap. This will help you remove all sorts of contaminants.    

packaged food items

Viruses can remain in cardboard for upto 24-hours. Either keep them in sunlight for one day, or wipe them down with disinfectant wipes. Once you are done with disinfecting, remove the products from the cardboard and leave the box in the dustbin.

Egg lovers should be careful. There is no harm in eating eggs. It improves immunity. But, you should pay attention to disinfecting eggs that come straight from grocery stores. Eggs should be washed in lukewarm water. Later, wash it once more using running tap water and wipe it gently. Be cautious to never use any kind of cleaning products on the eggshell. Eggs have tiny pores on the shell that absorbs liquid. Hence, only use normal water for cleaning the egg surface.

Every grocery list includes bread. Once your package reaches home, unpack the bread and store it in a breadbox. Put the packaging in an outdoor dustbin and sanitize your hands quickly.

Cookies and dry fruits are inevitable household food items if you have children at home. A little bit of care can help you keep them safe from infection. Remove the packaging as soon as possible and store them in a separate container. If possible, start using them only after 72 hours. Viruses can live on packets and tins for 72 hours. 

2. How to Disinfect Vegetables & Fruits

Disinfecting vegetables and fruits should be done with the utmost care as they are directly in contact with their physical environment. Wash them continuously under running tap water. Never use any cleaning products on vegetables and eatables as it may cause digestion-related issues.


fruits getting washed under running water

There is no harm in soaking vegetables and fruits in turmeric water, vinegar, or potassium permanganate. But, there is no scientific proof that claims protection from the virus. However, you can use these as a cleaning agent.

Vegetables and fruit scrubbers are available online, and can be used as protective equipment to effectively scrub away contaminants. It’s wise to make use of advanced safety technologies that help you avoid direct touch.

Some fruits and vegetables can be dried off in the sunlight. Understanding the nature of your food products is necessary to choose the best preventive measure.  

3. How to Disinfect Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

Is it safe to use meat and poultry during COVID?

You don’t need to keep yourself away from meat, poultry, and seafood. But, do make sure that it’s washed properly. You can’t use any soap or disinfectant on meats, so you need to make sure that they’re fully cooked, which will kill any bacteria or viruses on the meat. Avoid undercooked meat and poultry products.   

meat kept on a cutting board

Safety Lies in Disinfecting: Let’s Practice Prevention For Everyday Safety

Breaking the chain of Coronavirus is only possible if we follow safety guidelines. It should start from our home, our behavior, and our habits. From buying groceries to taking them to your home, everything requires extra care. There is a need to mold our routine to fight the pandemic. And, there is a need to make sure that we are safe in this fight. 

Explore the range of preventive personal protective and safety equipment from GoSafeMate and become a pandemic warrior!

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